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At our Agency, we discover what our client desires and chooses to shift, change or upgrade about their life or business and what is holding them back from not already experiencing these said things now in the way that they want to. We utilize multiple, unique, diagnostic tools, observations and procedures for the initial consultation assessment of any issues or root cause(s) known or unknown to our client and then make recommendations to successfully bring compassionate resolutions, positive measured results and mutually agreed upon personal and/or professional goals to fruition.

​Then we assist our clients in executing the recommendation(s) with various types of in house services from our agency and refer those necessary outside resources to accomplish our client’s goals. We interview our clients extensively to assure a win-win relationship. As a proven and well seasoned team; we are proud of our client’s successes and look forward to helping make magic happen together with each individual, organization and business that we work with. 


Jeanne Marie Conti


Jeanne Marie Conti is our Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Camille Conti Agency. She is an active, hands-on executive, with an extensive background in sales and marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship, government affairs, logistics, leadership in crisis response, and problem resolution. She assists her wife,  Camille, in running the day-to-day operations of their family businesses.

Camille Conti


As Seen On Live TV, Radio & Video! A New York business owner of 32 years; Camille is a Success Keynote Speaker & Coach, a Success Coach and Leading Divine Channel and holds a BA in Psychology and Communication from Canisius College of Buffalo, NY and is Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists of Merrimack, NH, as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and member of the International Hypnosis Federation of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA as a Spiritual Counselor Specialist. As a Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) & “Every Word has Power Life Coach” Practitioner by Dr. Yvonne Oswald PhD & Certified Master Teacher; Camille offers consultations and sessions for Spiritual Psychic Medium Gifts & Abilities Management & Development and Business Development. Camille’s Academy of Divine Rich CEO offers radical deep profound healing, trauma release, manifestation training consultations and powerful breakthrough sessions to rewire your brain for success to fully embody self-love, heal and claim your victory life! Our Academy also Offers the Divine Psychic, NLP Life Coaching Certification Course in III Levels, Level I Practitioner Course, Level II Master Practitioner Course, and Level III Master Teacher Certification Course. 

Also offering Transformational Intuitive Life Coaching, Reiki, Divine Guidance Readings and Faith Healings, NLP Emotional Release of Limiting Beliefs, Traumatic events in this current life and past lives, Clears PTSD symptoms, Anxiety & Depression and also offers Age and Autism Reversal, Intuitive Healing Facials with her certified organic skin care collection; Natural Image Care. As a hypnotist, Camille believes that our words and our thoughts can redefine our DNA, behaviors, thoughts and results in life.

Self Hypnosis helps us to reprogram our self-talk and thoughts on a subconscious level whereby making it easy to change patterns in your life that you would love to transform. Camille is also the CEO, Founder and Designer of Natural Image Care, a holistic healing, certified organic, age defying, acne clearing, skin repair treatment line. Utilizing all of her unique training and experiences to re-invent her clients is a true passion for Camille.

As a Certified Image, Color and wardrobe consultant; Camille loves to execute a complete diagnostic evaluation, Over-haul, head to toe, inside-outside transformation and the calculated redesign of individual’s essence, presence, life footprint and expression in the world according to her client’s intentions of their heart and soul, highest and greatest good and soul mission(s).

Camille lives her life authentically and by conscious choice with her wife and son by allowing her life to unfold in divine order and timing with compassion, kindness, faith, loyalty and love for Divine, Family and the highest and greatest good for humanity and our world.

With over 61 years of combined Expert Problem Solving Solutions; Camille and Jeanne Marie Conti come to the table with a background and/or education in Personal & Business Success, Keynote Speaking & Coaching, Psychic Medium Channeling, Psychology and Architecture, Loss Prevention, Sole Proprietorship, Executive Management (Corporate and Federal), Logistics Analytics, Spacial Analytics, Finance, Threat Assessment Critical Team Chair, Board Member and Treasurer of The Learning Disabilities Association of WNY, DISC Specialist, Lean Six Sigma, Graduate of Management Essentials For Leadership, Crisis Negotiator and Interventionist, Ordained Minister Interfaith, Executive Sales Management, Seasoned Primetime Syndicated Radio and Television Media Presenter, Expert in Certified Organic Skin Care, Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Cyber Crime Specialist, Chaplain Police and Fire Personnel Volunteer Firefighter.