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Let us help you find and execute the solutions for your peace of mind and well being.

A Personal & Business Success Agency- ​

Over 61 years of combined Expert Problem Solving with solid, measured positive results.

Kickstart your life again with taking back control of your personal and professional growth and wellness. Live an Authentic Life and achieve your goals with ease, joy and grace.

Personal Consultant and/or Business Advisor:

Comprehensive approach to taking control of your business / life and successfully running it.  
“Are the inmates running the asylum?” “This isn’t my life” syndrome.

See the signs before getting “invested”:

Investing in results driven interviews and attracting the right company assets.
Business vampires sucking you dry? Someone riding on your suit tails taking credit? 
Unhealthy co-workers? 

Training 4 Success with measured positive results:

Teaching others how to problem solve effectively.

Empowering your workforce:

More $$$ profits, happier employees, measured productivity.

Personal Consultant / Advisor for Growth and Well Being:

Investing in yourself and Attracting what you want. 
Learning “Not To Settle.” Letting go and Allowing your divine purpose(s) to unfold in divine timing.
Taking back your Personal Power, Self Respect, Confidence and Empowering 
yourself to create and enjoy the life that you choose to experience in divine order.

Solutions Services:

Compassionate “Dissolution of” Processes and/or Mediation for Personal/Professional.
Personal Consultant and/or Professional Advisory Services. 
Observation and Recommendation. 

Our Specialty Services & Schools:

Professional / Business:

Amicable Collections Services.
Business Profitability Issues.
Business Structure issues.
Business Employee issues.
Business Mid and Executive Level Restructuring. Corporate Sabotage. Is someone deliberately holding your business hostage? Communication training in the workplace.
Business and Personal Empowerment.
Loss Prevention Issues.
Business and Personal Make-Over.
Looking for an advisor to guide you and your team through corporate changes.
​​Premium Website Development and Management.
Mediation: Personal and Professional.
Strategic Planning.

Professional / Personal:

Wanting to reconnect with your spouse.
Trying to get pregnant. Starting a family.
Want to be married. Looking for your perfect spouse.
Need help raising children. “I don’t know what to do!”
Need help with special needs children parenting and or advocacy . “Do I or my child have rights?”
Needing help with serious medical conditions for you or your child or family member? “Where do we turn?”
Want to change ones personal and professional life; Fulfillment. “Have your cake and eat it to!”
Make no apologies for it.
Wanting to have a peaceful and grounded life.
Suspect Elder Abuse.
Compassionate Dissolution Services: Personal and Professional.
Observation and Advice: Personal and Professional, discreet and confidential services to get the information needed.

Communication School-

Dynamic, up to date program to empower your employees to be effective communicators and performers in the workplace! Raise your profits and empower your team to be great, effective communicators!

Security Consulting-

Our agency provides professional consultations to secure your assets including installations of 24 hour camera recording systems. 

Women's Online Business School -

Camille’s Academy of Divine Rich CEO offers radical deep profound healing, trauma release, manifestation training consultations and powerful breakthrough sessions to rewire your brain for success to fully embody self-love, heal and claim your victory life! Our Academy also Offers the Divine Psychic, NLP Life Coaching Certification Course in III Levels, Level I Practitioner Course, Level II Master Practitioner Course, and Level III Master Teacher Certification Course. 

Leadership School-

Comprehensive, up to date program to get the best of your management team and take them to the next level with the appropriate tools and training provided!

Structured Classes, Group Sessions, Programs and One-on-One, private tutoring sessions and classes available.
We also offer “On-Site workplace training.”

Let us see what we can do for you today!
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This is a discreet and confidential service provided with the highest regard for your privacy.